Manipur Hill Journalist Union(MHJU)


The 15th January 2016


Re-insertion of July 2015 MHJU’s Press Released:

In view of the unfavorable experiences with related to Media Ethics in the hill districts of Manipur, MHJU (Churachandpur) is obliged to issue this Press Communique for the general public, civil societies and philanthropic organizations, Political parties as well as, the concern authorities, stakeholders, and NGOs, etc. for kind necessary action(s), that:

1.For any press conference be it by individuals, associations, political parties, clubs, churches and etc., proper communication channel shall be perennially followed. Such that, the Official invitation shall be done through addressing the editors/publishers of the vernacular daily newspaper failing which no reporters will be avail for the usufruct purpose. Henceforth, any press conference will be conducted at Lamka Press Club, IB Road, Headquarter veng.

2.For maintaining the sanity and value of media fraternity, any Government Department/Officials are being informed to give preference to the MHJU&DIPR Card Holders for better and valuable services. It is very unfortunate that non-MHJU&DIPR Card Holders are mistakenly given preferences from time to time. Apart from that, the MHJU also appeal to the District Magistrate to look into the matter that nonjournalist’s vehicles are spotted with a PRESS tag.

  1. For better revamping of the Press Club and it’s unavoidable day-to-day financial maintenance for running the office, it is an appeal to all concern that, any individual, civil organizations, etc. should/must duly pay Press Conference enrollment fee of Rs. 500/-.

MHJU also appeal to the general public and several organizations not to disturb the freedom and functioning of the media and it’s publications for our better future.



(Mark T Haokip)

Secy. Info.&Pub. MHJU

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