MATHEW 23 : 37, 38, 39: “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the city that kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to it! How often would I have gathered your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you were not willing! See, your house is left to you desolate. For I tell you, you will not see me again, until you say, ‘Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.’” 

When we dipped into the Bible, so bewildered was that, the way how Jesus had lamented over Jerusalem during the day he was assigned to His mission on earth. His repine over Jerusalem was ensnared with the indication that He had abandoned the Jews since they could not accept him as their long await Messiah. Might also be it that the purpose driven from the Lord God was misconceived by them. And therefore, they crucified Him on the Cross, taunted Him and ridiculed Him with severe castigation. Since then,they swore to God that let the retaliation on His innocent blood be cast upon them and their offsprings. And it was so. Thus, the Jews have rejected Jesus Christ, He has rejected also Israel on the same day. 

In that event, the Lord God had tabbed Manasseh out of the twelve tribes to be exalted in His glory name and, so a time has come to made real of His word with Jacob–a blessing that made over Manasseh and Ephriam. To that purpose, the Manasseh people were dispersed and scattered across the Asia continent: ensconced them to lost all their Jewish hereditary customs, language, physical form and especially their practices of sabbatical religion founded with Moses on mount Sinai. So that they could only perceive the eternal salvation in Jesus Christ through His blood brimming on the cross. 

To made it a success, Jerusalem was besieged by a Roman Emperor Titus in 70 CE and that made Jerusalem deserted. The innocent blood of Jesus Christ was cast upon the Israelites in different ways.They were exiled to different parts of the world. Most of them headed to the West and Europe continents were severely treated and more than sixty million were brutally massacred by Hitler, a Nazi dictator. Following the siege of Jerusalem, a large number of Jews (Manasseh) kindreds who were deported to the East from Jerusalem and Persia were bought by the Chinese Emperor Ming of Han in 70 AD, (“History of the Jews in China,” recorded in the Wikipedia the free encyclopaedia). The same version had been catalogued by Rev. Chomlhun in his book: “Manasseh, The Lost Tribes of Israel, (2015, p5&6). Writing in 1900, Father Joseph Brucker hypothesised that some Jews came to China from India by a sea route during the Song dynasty between 960 and 1126.

When they were exiled into China, they were engaged in all the related slavery works of the country. But, by the time, it became gradually irksome for the Emperor the way how they lend-a-hand with following the sabbatical religion and the seven Kut in a year because they refused to follow the King’s order on those occasion days. So, the Manasseh people were deceived and coop-up their leader scroll so that they would stop worshipping their God and be able to work the whole year without any cessation   was the emperor’s plan. And it was so. In AD 150, they did not worship God and forgot the Sabbath and the seven Kut.

In around 400 AD, they even forgot they were Israelites, they also lost their surname, Jewish traditions, physical appearances and all their inheritances and even who they were. That driven them making many attempts to escape from their slavery was the only available option, lest they remain slaves. This was around AD 1000. According to Rev. Chomlhun’s account,in 700 AD, the Manasseh people had progenerated a new language; the language we spoke today in many forms was given by the Almighty God, because if they still inherited the Hebrew language they would ably trace their origin-root and may return to Judaism religion. Therefore, the very purpose set up by God would be in vain. 

In around AD 1000, they bequeathed China when a man had found a tunnel beneath the foundation of the Great Wall which the people began escaped after making it ingress. They scattered across Asia for in search of their own livelihood. They enjoyed their nomadic life since salvaged from slavery was the main component that led them migrated to all over Asia. 

Thus, that habits we inherited from the salvage had led our nomadic migration recorded as ‘Independent Tribes’ by some colonialist writers. In one point of time, we spoke the same language and we all gathered once at the basin of Mekong River in Sipsongbanna, now it becomes one of an  Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province in China. The Mekong is a trans-boundary river in Southeast Asia. It is the world’s 12th-longest river and the 7th-longest in Asia. Its estimated length is 4,350 km (2,703 miles), and it drains an area of 795,000 km2 (307,000 sq.mi), discharging 457 km3 From the Tibetan Plateau the river runs through China’s Yunnan Province, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Wherein, we all once scattered to en route all the direction where we pleased to established our needful settlements and livelihood. Until today, our brethren, except Kukis, still remember the place our forefathers had established some memorable things just before they got started scattering around or our forefather who led the Kuki people or group might be out of the location since we inherited no such recorded evidence or folktales about the Sipsongbanna.

The independent migration occurred in Asia after a salvage from slavery had preceded some multitude of our past kindred tribes to the northern parts of Siberia, and some adventurous groups had crossed over the eastern ocean and discovered Japan and made it a suitable home for them. However, some other groups had headed north up to the terrestrial North Pole. But, out of their expectation, North pole has the equinox of 6 months of daylight and 6 months of darkness. The striking stupefaction of the six months night of their cuddling experiences, they felt reluctant and it strode them ascended to took the settlement in the Mongolia regions, and some large multitude were curvedly scattering down in the western parts of China up to the bordering areas of Ladakh in India and Nepal. The major settlement were made in the region of Southeast Asia ascended up to the Bay of Bengal, viz: Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Philippine, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Myanmar, Northeast India,Ladakh in J&K (India), Bangladesh, Western part of Nepal and Bhutan. Our people are numbering about 308 major tribes. 

Concerning His purpose, God had kept these people lost and unknown to each other; they possessed different political affiliations in the international arena, incommunicable languages since long. This long trammelling had purged all the Jewish ancestry they possessed and, their pedigree connection, and the variance cultural affinities, therefore, was—God’s handiworks. In a similar way, a teacher rubbed out the previous mathematical calculation written on the blackboard then write down the new chapter of geography on the same board, the Lord God had expunged Judaism doctrine from our hereditary conduct so that we could have to obtain the capability to inculcate Christianity faith that cherishes the spiritual salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. He is God of all gods and we must go to Him and He will redeem us.

Though, God had revealed these epistles to the Kukis in the year 2007 through His beloved servant Rev. Chomlhun. It was eventuated a ten years after the five-year inimical ethnic cleansing campaign initiated from the year 1993 by the NSCN (IM) upon the innocent Indian Kukis; slaughtered more than a thousand civilians including women and children. Uprooted 300 villages and displaced more than one hundred thousand people from different places. 

In such calamities, the Kuki people invoked massive prayer to God in a different location within the Kuki country; and, urging the Lord to heal our nation as well as forgive the sin committed by our forefathers and the new generation. After 10-years of massive prayers, the Almighty God had accepted us, and which the results had been revealed to Rev. Chomlhun in Myanmar since 2007. But unfortunately, within the span of five years, people can’t accept the words of the Lord carried out by him was, by the way, termed as a false prophecy.

 All his tryst within the five years were gone in vain. At last, to his dismay, he surrendered to the Lord not to recur the epistle to the Kuki people because they don’t receive him and continuously decline the message he delivered to them. But, the word of Lord came to Rev. Chomlhun concerning disasters. If he does not fulfil the commandment of the Lord he will be a curse and the wrath of the Lord will be again encored upon the Kuki nation. The anger and wrath to be pronounced against these people by the Lord will be more appalling. Hence, in fear of the fury of the Lord, he once again prepared for the long journey destiny to be reached in Manipur, but financial status in their family was uneasy to carry on; for that reason, his wife sold their only shoat to score his expenses. Under such a harsh circumstance, he again has begun his journey to Manipur for the cause of the innocent Kuki people.

It was in 2011, at the end of the year, his only available last option was to approach me if I could accept it and carry on. Conversely, it was also the time of my anguish about ‘what would I do to save my people’ was the only question sounding in my imagery pouch and; unexpectedly,  he came along with Evan. DK Samuel and met me at my temporary residence in Churachandpur, and I was tentatively concentrating the whole saga given to him by the Almighty God. At the same day, I agreed with him contentedly because I envisaged that nothing would be consummate if bits of help did not come from the Lord God. Hereafter,I assured him why would I deny if the Lord God had extended his cooperation to us since I was writing lots of books and initiated many works related to the Kuki people but to no avail. So I reassured him I would carry out the task given to me by the Lord as long as it were accomplished because it will go well with us.

Then we programmed all the things we need to set on to sail for accomplishing the word that came to me on that day. We unveiled the programme. And the programme was about concerning the Manasseh ancestry to be delivered to the people as it has been told. The actually driven purpose was that when we spread about the way how we had been the offsprings of Manasseh then the Lord God would heal our nationhood and would also gather all the long lost kindred tribes from different nooks and corners. And we did so.

 In the initial stage, we spread the message seven times each in Churachandpur, Chandel, Sadar Hills and thrice in Assam and quadrant times in Nagaland. After completion of this task, the word of the Lord came to Rev. Chomlhun concerning my leadership to expound shortly that I could inherit the capability to lead the Manasseh people in future. After a short span of time my first speech which I delivered at YPA Hall, Lamka, Churachandpur on the 12th  August 2012, became attracted to all our kindred groups from different geographical locations. Hereafter, the word of the Lord came again to Rev Chomlhun that the Kachin people too were one of among the lost kindred groups of Manasseh. So, I made the arrangement on the monetary requirement for Rev. Chomlhun to be sent to Kachin land and there, by the grace of God, he could accomplish the purposes shortly after a month.