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*UPF appeals media fraternity, says ‘Separate state’ should not misinterprets as ‘Kuki State’*
_Kaybie Chongloi_

SADAR HILLS, Oct.17: Signatory of ‘Political Dialogue’ with the Govt. of India and the state Government, the United People’s Front (UPF), one of the conglomerates of the Kuki UGs today urged the state and National media fraternity not to misinterpreted  the political demands of UPF/KNO as Kuki State.
Spokesperson of UPF, Aaron Kipgen, who is also the General Secretary of Kuki National Front (KNF), said that the political dialogue and UPF/KNO represents all the kindred tribes and for this reason the political demands of UPF and KNO has been amalgamated as ‘Separate State’ and it should not misinterpreted as ‘Kuki State’ which could represent the feeling and sentiments of only few Kuki tribes.
“The indifferences amongst us would be resolve amicably with time”, Aaron asserted and added that the problem today of the erstwhile Kuki tribes is not only political but a problem of security and extinction.
He also said that ‘Political Solution’ could only be brought about only when we continued to stand together as one while adding that it is high time to focus on oneness, brotherhood and unity.
The UPF Spokesperson recalled that Suspension of Operations Agreement between the UPF/KNO and the Govt. of India and Govt. of Manipur was signed to initiate a peaceful and meaningful Political Dialogue so as to resolve the vexed political issue of the Kukis.
He said that there are ideological differences today on the issue of identity in Manipur among the erstwhile Kuki tribes stating that some disown the political identity Kuki while few wants to move on with the dominance.
Therefore, the amalgamated political demands of the UPF/KNO, i.e. ‘Separate State’ should not be misinterprets as ‘Kuki State’ while the Political Dialogue and UPF/KNO represents all the kindred tribes, Aaron reiterated.
The UPF Spokesperson, Aaron Kipgen appeal all the media fraternity of the state and national not to misinterpret the amalgamated political demands of UPF and KNO as ‘Kuki State’ so as to keep contained the sentiments of all the constituents groups of UPF and KNO and to keep each of the interest of others as the spirit, not of their own interest.
It may be recalled that, the second round of ‘Political Talks’ between UPF/KNO and Govt. of India and Govt. of Manipur will be held on October 19 at the National Capital for which both the representatives of UPF and KNO are likely to leave for the National Capital tomorrow.
However, details of both UPF and KNO representatives as well as on the part of Govt. of India and Govt. of Manipur could not be ascertained till fling of this report.