Chavang Kut 2016’s Press releases

Churachandpur, the 30th Oct., 2016   
The first day of Chavang Kut 2016 Celebration, with a theme. “ Bigger, Better, Stronger”,  was celebrated with pomp and gaiety, featuring various traditional dances and songs performed by cultural troupes from Garo, Nyishi, Bodo, Kachin, Myanmar, Hmar, Aimol etc.  Day one of the post-harvest festival of the Kuki Manasseh group of people was graced by Shri Conrad K. Sangma, Hon‟ble MP (LS) from West Garo Hills, Meghalaya who spoke on a range of issues, challenges and opportunities related to the people of the North-east India.The chief guest expressed his gratitude for realizing his roots and ancestry by saying that “I am happy to realize that I am one of the Manasseh‟s children,” the people who scattered in different parts of Asia viz;- Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea etc.  
Re-iterating his father‟s dream, the late P.A. Sangma, he underlined the pressing need for „creation of a parliament for the North-east region‟ for the fast-pace growth and development of the people. 

Stressing his views on the relations of Garo and the Kuki-Manasseh group of people, Conrad K. Sangma said „unless there is something (ties/bond) between us, how and why can we come together here to celebrate Chavang Kut?” 
He further said „Chavang Kut festival has seen an Act East Policy‟ as the event had delegates and participants from Laos, Myanmar etc.  The Chief Guest also emphasized the pressing demands of Garoland, Kukiland, Bodoland etc. by saying that „as citizens of India, the Manasseh children too, have the right to demand for creation of new states for fast-paced growth and development in the north-east region as he continued „India can‟t be changed only from New Delhi. This is also one of the objectives of Kuki National Organisation.” He also stressed the need to set up medical colleges and music university in Churachandpur, Manipur to tap the skills, potentials and knowledge of the youths in the state.  
After unveiling the monolith which was erected to commemorate the „celebration of Brotherhood.‟ by the descendants Manasseh, Shri P.S. Haokip, President of Kuki National Organization described the event as „re-union of long-parted brothers in the course of our millennium journey. Though separated by political boundaries, space and time, ties of brotherhood was never broken. Tracing the historical moorings and ancestry of the Kuki-Manasseh group of people, the President said „Manasseh is the last chosen people of God from amongst the Israelites.‟ He further outlined that „Manasseh people are in North-east India, North-west Myanmar, Chittagong Hills Tract of Bangladesh and Jingpho (Kachin) settlement in Yunan, Western China and Inner Mongolia of China and south-east Asian countries.‟ 
 Among speeches from various leaders, Shri Khamphone Viengluang, formerly President, American Laos community (USA), presently serving as Quality Assurance Inspector, American Airlines made thought-proving speech by underlining the invasion of Laos people in southern China by the Chinese emperor a thousands of years back after which the Laos people scattered to different parts of Asia. The man, who travelled around the world in search of his people,  Khamphone Viengluang also stated that the people of Laos are found in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.  

The Cheris Band, Zalen-Gam Choir and various artistes enthralled the crowd with their mellifluous, heart-wrenching songs.
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