The amazing Trump’s Potentiality


  1. Trump has won 278 electoral votes so far – he needed 270 out of 538 for victory
  2. Winning Florida, Ohio and North Carolina cleared the way for his Brexit-style upset
  3. Trump told America: “It is time for us to come together as one united people”
  4. Clinton phoned Donald Trump to concede
  5. Republicans have kept control of both the Senate and House
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Iran’s Rouhani: ‘No possibility’ Trump can reverse nuclear deal

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani has said there is “no possibility” Donald Trump can reverse the nuclear deal brokered between the US and Iran under President Obama.

“Iran’s understanding in the nuclear deal was that the accord was not concluded with one country or government but was approved by a resolution of the UN Security Council and there is no possibility that it can be changed by a single government,” Rouhani told his cabinet, according to Iranian state television.

Trump was critical of the deal during his campaign and threatened to tear it up.



Hassan Rouhani

Melania’s hometown throws street party for Trump win

Mrs Trump ‘put Sevnica on world map’

BBC Monitoring

News from around the globe

Melania Trump’s birthplace in Slovenia is celebrating her husband’s victory in the US presidential elections in style, Slovene TV reports.

The Mayor of Sevnica, Srecko Ocvirk, is hosting a street party with wine, local delicacies and music by the local folk music band Slavcki – The Nightingales – who performed a tune specially written for Melania Trump.

Mayor Ocvirk said “people are coming and going, expressing their happiness”, adding that “Melania will now put Sevnica on the world map”.


‘The balance of power in Syria might be about to change dramatically’

Quentin Somerville

Middle East Correspondent in Mosul, Iraq

On the ground, in the battle to capture Mosul from so-called Islamic State, Donald Trump’s election will make little difference.

The military campaign is advanced and IS in retreat. Despite his criticism of the strategy used against IS, in Iraq at least, it is delivering results.

In Syria, it is a different case. Trump has already questioned the US partnership with moderate rebels. Across the Middle East, he is encouraging more co-operation with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s staunch ally, Russia.

In the short term, some suggest it might encourage Moscow to begin its bombing campaign on rebel-held Aleppo sooner rather than later. The balance of power in Syria’s war – a proxy war as much as a civil war – may be about to change dramatically.

Listen: Reaction from around the world

Newsday correspondents have called in with reaction and analysis from around the world, from China, to Russia, to the UK.

Listen below.

We get reaction from our correspondents in China, Russia and the UK

German minister proposes meeting to discuss result

Frank-Walter Steinmeier has proposed a meeting of EU foreign ministers, Jenny Hill reports. He described Trump’s victory as “not the result I or the German people wanted”.

jenny hill


German foreign minister proposes meeting of his EU counterparts this weekend to discuss Trump victory


jenny hill


German foreign minister – it is not the result I or the German people wanted…Germany must remain the home of reason


Trump’s first statements give us hope – Putin

Russian president Vladimir Putin has made his first official statement on Trump’s win.

Via spokesman Dmitry Peskov, he said: “Trump’s first statements give us hope that steps towards improving relations between the USA and Russia are possible.”

“The US election result does not mean that all contentious issues in relations between Moscow and Washington will be resolved. The main thing is the intention to resolve them through dialogue.”

Russia was widely thought to have been supporting Trump during the election campaign. US officials say they believe state-sponsored Russian hackers were behind a leak of emails from the Democratic National Committee which damaged Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Trump praised Putin, during the campaign, saying he was glad to have been praised by the Russian leader.

Traditional Russian wooden dolls depicting Putin alongside the candidates


Traditional Russian wooden dolls depicting Putin alongside the candidates

Listen: Applebaum says it’s ‘the end of the West’

Today Programme

BBC Radio 4

The Washington Post journalist, Anne Applebaum, wrote a few months ago that we were a few elections away from “the end of the West as we know it”.

She told the Today programme “I think we are now here.”

Huffington Post does away with ‘Trump racist’ disclaimer

The Huffington Post has announced that it will no longer attach a note to its stories about the US presidential election calling Donald Trump a “serial liar”, “racist”, and “xenophobe”.

The news website began making the extraordinary addition back in January.

Screen shot from the Huffington Post reads Editor’s note: Donald Trump is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist, birther and bully who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims ― 1.6 billion members of an entire religion ― from entering the U.S.

Huffington Post

Huffpost’s Washington Bureau Chief Ryan Grim said in a statement, published by Politico, that they might put it back.

“The thinking is that (assuming he wins) that he’s now president and we’re going to start with a clean slate… If he governs in a racist, misogynistic way, we reserve the right to add it back on. This would be giving respect to the office of the presidency which Trump and his backers never did.”

‘Trump’s divisive rhetoric is clearly wrong’ – Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the UK Labour Party, has issued a statement called Trump’s victory a “global wake-up call”.

Corbyn, who pulled off a shock victory of his own to become Labour leader last year, also said Trump was “clearly wrong” is his answers to “the big questions facing America”.

Jeremy Corbyn MP


Trump’s election as US President is a rejection of a failed economic consensus but his answers to the big questions facing America are wrong


Congratulations from Hungarian, Philippine and Polish leaders

Hungary’s prime minister, Viktor Orban, said Donald Trump’s victory was “great news” and showed that “democracy is still alive”.

Orban has drawn widespread international criticism, including from Hillary Clinton, over his approach to the refugee crisis and weakening of media freedoms in Hungary.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has also congratulated Trump, saying he “looks forward to working with the incoming administration”.

Duterte was heavily criticised by President Obama over a brutal drugs crackdown in the Philippines. He has also courted controversy with praise for Hitler and a vow to kill 100,000 drug dealers.

Poland’s president, Andrzej Duda has written to Trump, saying: “Polish-US ties are a great example of a strategic partnership based on common values and freedom, which is so dear to Poles, Americans and to me personally.”

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, left


Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, left

Trump voters cheer in a new era in Pennsylvania


Getty Images

Voters cheers the results in Pennsylvania

Donald Trump pulled off a one-point win in Pennsylvania, making him the first Republican to win the state since George HW Bush in 1988.

The BBC’s Jessica Lussenhop was there to watch Trump supporters reacting to the surprise victory.

As news rippled through the room that AP had called the state of Pennsylvania, which would have put the final nail in the coffin of the Clinton campaign, the partygoers grew jubilant.

“Call it!” they began shouting at televisions mounted on the walls, “USA! USA! USA.”

Read the full piece here.

What did Trump mean by ‘Brexit, plus, plus, plus’?

Jon Sopel

BBC North America Editor

Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally in North Charleston, South Carolina


Donald Trump is a hugely effective communicator.

Sir Elton John apparently said of him he’s the best live performer who doesn’t sing and doesn’t play a musical instrument. He communicates brilliantly clearly.

But one thing that might have been lost on some of his audience was his promise to deliver “Brexit plus, plus, plus”.

The reasons why Britain pulled out of the EU have not been a central concern to many Americans, but what it signified to Donald Trump was something important.

Read his full analysis here

Listen: Will Trump’s presidency be ‘isolationist’?

Today Programme

BBC Radio 4

Jonathan Powell, former chief of staff to Tony Blair, says his “biggest fear under Trump is the United States will become more isolationist, it will be less willing to intervene in the world than it has been.”

He discusses with the former ambassador to Washington, Lord Renwick, what Donald Trump’s presidency will mean for the country’s foreign policy.

UK PM congratulates Trump, pledges to build on special relationship

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has congratulated Trump on his victory. Here’s her statement:

I would like to congratulate Donald Trump on being elected the next president of the United States, following a hard-fought campaign. Britain and the United States have an enduring and special relationship based on the values of freedom, democracy and enterprise. We are, and will remain, strong and close partners on trade, security and defence. I look forward to working with President-elect Donald Trump, building on these ties to ensure the security and prosperity of our nations in the years ahead.”

Iran urges US to stand by nuclear deal

BBC Monitoring

News from around the globe

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says the US president should stick by the nuclear deal with Iran, the official Irna news agency reports. “Iran and America have no political relations, but it is important that the future US president realises his duty to uphold the multilateral obligations of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, and we expect the international community to require this of the United States of America,” he told reporters.

Party night for Trump supporters

In pictures: Republicans celebrate their big victory across the US

Supporters cheer for US President-elect Donald Trump at his 2016 US presidential Election Night


Supporters of U.S. President-elect Donald Trump rally through Times Square, Manhattan, New York


Donald Trump supporters in Phoenix, Arizona, react as the US president-elect gives his acceptance speech


Terry Mendoza and Margery Simchak, attending a Republican Party event in Phoenix, Arizona, watch as Donald Trump gives his acceptance speech


Five questions on the economy for Donald Trump

Donald Trump


“It’s the economy, stupid”, or so the saying goes. Markets have reacted nervously to Trump’s victory, with falls across Asia and Europe.

BBC New York business editor John Mervin has five questions for Trump about how he plans to handle the economy.

“Financial markets were counting on a Clinton victory right up until the polls closed. A state of high anxiety now prevails among investors. Everyone wants to know if the extreme rhetoric about economic policy that characterized the campaign will be lived up to in office,” says our

Read his full post here.

Donald Trump

Five questions on economy for Trump

Donald Trump will become the 45th US president. Here are five questions the new president will have to answer on the economy.

Read more

South East Asia will ‘wait and watch’

The BBC’s South East Asia correspondent Jonathan Head says the region’s 10 member states and their 600 million population will “wait and watch”. With so little known about how a Trump administration will deal with a region that was central to Obama’s foreign policy, he says official reaction is “likely to be muted and restrained”.

“Some aspects of the incoming president will cause concern. The isolationist tone of many of Mr Trump’s statements implies he will devote fewer diplomatic and military resources to East Asia – the so-called ‘pivot’ initiated by President Obama in his last term may be abandoned. The US may be less supportive of freedom of navigation through the South China Sea. The possibility of greater trade friction will also worry this manufacturing and export- dependent region.”

‘America has voted for change’

James Naughtie

Special correspondent, BBC Radio 4 News

James Naughtie reports on the result of the US election.

Who’s called to congratulate President Elect Trump?

Here are some of the leaders and nations we know about.

Vladimir Putin has sent Trump a telegram to congratulate him, declaring his “hope to work together for removing Russian-American relations from their crisis state”.

EU chiefs Donald Tusk and Claude Juncker have sent “sincere congratulations” and an invitation to visit Europe.

Egypt’s President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi wished Trump “success in serving the friendly American people, who gave him their trust to lead them” and said he looked forward to reinvigorating US-Egyptian ties.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says in a statement that he “congratulates the elected American president, Donald Trump, and hopes that peace will be achieved during his term”.

Indian PM Narendra Modi says India looks forward to working with Donald Trump closely, “to take India-US bilateral ties to a new height”.

Lu Kang, a spokesman for the Chinese foreign ministry, said: “We look forward to working together with the new US new administration to push forward a consistent, healthy and stable China-US relations,” but didn’t mention Trump by name.

Narendra Modi


We look forward to working with you closely to take India-US bilateral ties to a new height. @realDonaldTrump


Listen: ‘The US will be less indulgent to the EU’

Today Programme

BBC Radio 4

Former Italian PM Mario Monti says the relationship between the US and the EU will change.

Taiwan congratulates Trump, but no word yet from China

Tessa Wong

BBC News, Singapore

Beijing has yet to make its official comments on Donald Trump’s win. Its daily foreign affairs briefing took place before the victory was called.In the meantime Taiwan’s president Tsai Ing-wen has issued a congratulatory statement saying Taiwan will “continue to be a close and reliable partner” of the US, which she called “the most important democratic country in the world and the most solid international partner for Taiwan”.

Listen: ‘This is a non-violent revolution’

BBC Radio 5 live

Donald Trump’s election was a “non-violent revolution”, his biographer has said.

Jerome Tuccille, author of “Trump”, told BBC Radio 5 live’s Nicky Campbell: “The whole political establishment in Washington has been challenged like it’s never been challenged before.”

Author of best-selling book ‘Trump’, Jerome Tuccille, talks about 45th US president.

EU sends ‘sincere congratulations’ and invites visit from Trump

EU chiefs Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker have written to president-elect Trump to congratulate him and emphasize the importance of the EU/US relationship.

They also invited him to pay a visit to Europe, at his “earliest convenience”.

Here’s the full letter.

EU letter


Election tops Russian TV news

Focus on ‘irregularities’ as results came in

BBC Monitoring

News from around the globe

Russia’s official Rossiya 1 TV describes Donald Trump’s win as “a real sensation”. Its Washington correspondent says, “It’s a political earthquake in the US and the world, an historic fait accompli.”

Another official channel, Rossiya 24 TV, reported that the rouble and oil prices have “fallen sharply” on news of the Trump win.

Before the result came in, the official Channel One focused on “scandals and incidents” including voting machine problems that it alleged prevented people from voting for Trump. Pro-Kremlin daily Izvestia also questioned the “legitimacy of the voting outcome as a whole” – until Mr Trump won.

Palin, Giuliani, Gingrich… Contenders for a Trump cabinet

Speculation is underway about who will fill Donald Trump’s cabinet. Sarah Palin nailed her colours to Trump’s mast early on, as did former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani and former house speaker Newt Gingrich.

Sarah Palin remains a somewhat divisive figure…

Alan Fisher


As Sarah Palin’s name is raised on TV as a possible cabinet secretary- the crowd at Trump HQ shout “Nooooo”


Ben Adler


MSNBC reporting Newt Gingrich for Sec of State, Giuliani for Attny General


Archie Bland


Is rudy giuliani really going to be attorney general


Could Obama pardon Hillary Clinton before he leaves office?

Chants of “Lock her up!” are ringing out at Trump celebrations around the US. Trump pledged during his campaign to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton and her use of a private server to manage her emails and has frequently suggested she should be behind bars.

It seems unlikely that there is any political capital in pursuing the issue now, but some people, including former political staffers, have raised the bizarre prospect of Obama pardoning Clinton before he leaves office.

McKay Coppins


Chants of “LOCK HER UP!” at Trump party raise the necessary Q: Will Trump appoint a special prosecutor to take on Clinton, as promised?


Brian Beutler


Does Trump actually jail Hillary Clinton? Does Obama have to pardon her for imaginary crimes, just to be safe? We seriously have no idea.


Sean Davis


The possibility of Barack Obama pre-emptively pardoning Hillary Clinton before he leaves office is now very, very real.


How the media covered Trump’s supposed fall

When Trump first announced he would run for president in June 2015, the New York Daily News ridiculed him.

New York Daily News cover from June 2015

New York Daily News

In February 2016, Esquire magazine put Trump on their front cover and mocked his presidential potential.

Esquire magazine cover from February 2016


Time published two editions claiming the Trump election campaign was in “meltdown”. The first was in August 2016. The second version, in October, was stronger in its emphasis, stating the Trump campaign was in “total” meltdown.

Time front cover in October 2016


The New Yorker published a 2016 election edition picturing a man reading a newspaper on a subway car. The headline on paper reads “Oh sweet Jesus, please God, no” – in reference to the possibility of a Trump victory.

The New Yorker edition in November

New Yorker

BREAKINGFour states too close to project – ABC News

ABC says it will be making no further projections in the presidential electoral college tonight.

New Hampshire, Arizona, Michigan and Minnesota are too close to project, it says.

Turkey congratulates Trump and urges extradition of cleric

Turkey’s Prime Minister Binali Yildirim has urged Trump to extradite US-based cleric Fethullah Gulen, accused by Ankara of orchestrating a failed coup in July, as our Turkey correspondent Mark Lowen tweets:

Mark Lowen


PM Binali congratulates , urges extradition of Fethullah so “we may open a new page in our relations”


Anzac congratulates Trump

New Zealand’s prime minister John Key has congratulated Mr Trump, while Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull says Americans “understand they have no stronger ally or no better friend than Australia”.

The American people have spoken and I congratulate @realDonaldTrump on his election victory.

John Key


The American people have spoken and I congratulate @realDonaldTrump on his election victory.

8:41 a.m. – 9 November 2016

The Aus Gvt congratulates President Elect Trump. With our shared, enduring national interests, our relationship wil……

Malcolm Turnbull


The Aus Gvt congratulates President Elect Trump. With our shared, enduring national interests, our relationship wil……

8:47 a.m. – 9 November 2016

South Korea ‘can maintain relations with Trump’

South Korean Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se said on Wednesday that he believed Donald Trump would maintain the current US policy of containment towards North Korea.

“Trump has indicated that the greatest problem facing the world is the nuclear threat and members of his national security team hold the position that favors applying strong pressure against the North,” Yun said in a meeting with members of parliament.

North Korea conducted its fourth and fifth nuclear tests in January and September, drawing widespread international condemnation.

Latin America press reacts to ‘hurricane’ Trump

In Latin America, those who managed to have some sleep are waking up to Trump’s victory.

South of the border, in Mexico, newspapers are highlighting how the local currency is performing against the dollar. El Universal says the peso is on a “free fall”. It adds the country “faces now one of the worst possible scenarios”, as Trump promised to build a wall with Mexico, review the North American Free Trade Agreement and deport millions of undocumented migrants from the US.

Excelsior says Trump had built his rhetoric based on “xenophobia, prejudice and racial divide… strongly criticized around the world”.

Screen grab of El Universal website says; Trump wins the US presidency, the peso is on a free fall

El Universal

In Brazil, newspaper O Estado de S.Paulo cited his “surprising victory”, and that “opinion polls were wrong again”.

The daily Folha de S.Paulo said Trump, who had a “populist rhetoric”, enjoyed support where people wanted to restore the “American dream”.

Screen grab from Brazilian website Folha says: US elects Trump!


El Pais from Uruguay said Trump is the “hurricane” that promises to shake US politics.

In Argentina, El Clarin has a profile of a Trump, saying that his “aggressive and controversial speeches managed to gather support of unhappy Americans”.

How much of the blame falls on the media?

US papers and websites were overwhelmingly in favour of Hillary Clinton and perhaps did not believe Trump could win. Now the post-mortem begins.

Raf Sanchez


It’s becoming very clear that we in Western media don’t have the tools / the mindset to understand what’s happening in our own countries.


Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan, a former public editor of the New York Times, published an excoriating piece this morning accusing the media of not listening.

To put it bluntly, the media missed the story. In the end, a huge number of American voters wanted something different. And although these voters shouted and screamed it, most journalists just weren’t listening. They didn’t get it. They didn’t get that the huge, enthusiastic crowds at Donald Trump’s rallies would really translate into that many votes.

Margaret SullivanWashington Post

Read her full piece here.

Singapore PM: Trump victory like Brexit

Tessa Wong

BBC News, Singapore

The prime minister of Singapore, a key US ally in Asia, has congratulated Donald Trump and says his country will work with him. Lee Hsien Loong said: “Like the Brexit referendum in June, Mr Trump’s victory is part of a broader pattern in developed countries – reflecting a deep frustration with the way things are, and a strong wish to reassert a sense of identity, and somehow to change the status quo.”Mr Trump recently singled out Singapore, along with China and India, as Asian countries “stealing jobs” from the US.

Trump is China’s ‘great unknown’

The BBC’s China editor Carrie Gracie says:

“For the Chinese government, the challenge of a Trump presidency is twofold. Mr Trump has repeatedly told American voters he will get tough with China on trade, jobs, steel dumping and alleged currency manipulation. And at a time when Chinese economic growth is already fragile, Beijing will worry about the danger of shrinking access to such a vital market.

“There are many things that Beijing dislikes about Hillary Clinton – her tough tone on human rights and the US strategic pivot to Asia for example. But Donald Trump is the great unknown. For all the campaign rhetoric, he has articulated no concrete policies on China and has no identifiable Asia team. He simply has no track record on any of the complex economic, geopolitical and military challenges of this region. And China hates the unpredictable.”

Carrie Gracie


Make America Great Again head to head with China Dream. Trump acceptance speech while Chinese TV on space race.


Fake News stories uncovered

Buzzfeed is keeping a rolling list of all the fake news stories popping up tonight.

No, rapper Lil Wayne has not cast his vote for Trump.

No, reality TV star Phil “Duck Commander” Robertson has not been single-handedly busting undocumented immigrants attempting to vote.

Take a look at all the fake news coming in by the minute

Far-right politicians welcome Trump wins

Earlier Geert Wilders, the leader of anti-Islam, anti-immigration Dutch Freedom Party tweeted his reaction to Donald Trump taking the lead in electoral college votes:

Geert Wilders


Florida and Utah for @realDonaldTrump

The people are taking their country back.

So will we.


He was joined in his praise for the Republican by France’s National Front leader Marine Le Pen, who tweeted in French: “Congratulations to the new president of the United States Donald Trump and the free American people!”

Marine Le Pen


Félicitations au nouveau président des Etats-Unis Donald Trump et au peuple américain, libre ! MLP


Malaysian Prime Minister cheers Trump

A spokesman from the office of the prime minister of Malaysia has just told our Southeast Asia correspondent Jonathan Head this:

Jonathan Head @pakhead

M’sian PM Najib is a golfing buddy of Trump and has a signed photo of them both on his desk from the Donald inscribed ‘To my favourite PM’