Brief Report on Chavang Kut 2016


Day 3 of Chavang Kut Report:

The main day of Chavang Kut celebration was graced by Lal Thanhawla, Chief Minister of Mizoram. The assemblage accorded him warm welcome in conformity with the time-honoured Kuki’s tradition and custom; he was carried on a palanquin from the main entrance of the gate to the VVIPs’ area where he was seated. In his speech the chief guest stated that ‘we (the children of Manasseh) are too fortunate to be God’s chosen people’ and added, ‘ it is our bounden duty to preach the message of God (the gospel) to the whole world.’

Highlighting some initiatives undertaken by him concerning the Zo people, he said he had in written, submitted a letter to the external affairs, govt.of India seeking steps to protect the legendary  Zo heritage banyan tree at Khampat, near Indo-Myanmar border

The chief guest also emphasised on his petition to the President of India for safeguarding the rights and liberties of the tribals of Manipur,who are being under threat from the majority community, Meitei. Meanwhile Lal Thanhawla also  said ‘Blood is thicker than water’ referring to his arguments  with the Congress-led central government which he was critical of, at some point of time. The chief minister expressed his hope that better interconnectivity between northeast India and the south-east Asia will  catalyse economic growth, which in turn could be of great help to spread the message of God, the message of salvation to the whole world.

He also appreciated the unity shown by the  KNO and UPF  for coming together as one in political dialogue with the GoI which he expected will result in protection of rights and liberties to the zo ethnic people.

The chief guest wished , and expressed his hope that celebration of Chavang Kut will strengthen the bond of love, unity and peace amongst the  children of Manasseh.