Chavang Kut 2016 in Malaysia

Chavang Kut is one of a glorious carnival  of the Kuki people in worldwide. It is a traditional post harvest festival popular with its denominational conduct of beauty contest since millennia.

The purpose of celebrating Kut reflects all the traditional customary laws practice before and also shows that Kuki people are evident in native to their territory since thousands of years. Their traditions and customs have existed according to their lifestyle produced in the past.

The Kukis had fought the mighty British for the protection of their sovereign country since 1760 in Chittagong hill tract in Bangladesh. The final great war was sprung out in the year 1917 and continued one-year after the cease of the popular first world war in 1918. It was exactly three-year-long war.The British had declared the war was the hardest war which the crown had experience  in their rules.

In the olden days, the Kuki people rule their independent country comprising Northeast India, Chittagong hill tract, the present day Chin state, Arakan state in Burma and Sagaing regions respectively. However, the British had to demolish their rule of law expounding with divide and rule policy so that they could win the battle success. After jolting the idea Kuki people became insecure in their own ancestral land.