Press Release: Manasseh Asia Foundation formed

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The Manasseh Asia Foundation which is a conglomeration of Messianic Jews/
ethnic groups, who traced their origin to the same progenitor Manasseh, was officially
formed on the last and final day of this year ChavangKut: Celebration of
Brotherhood i.e. on the 1st of November 2016. The meeting of leaders of the
Manasseh communities who had come for the celebration felt the dire need to have
a platform or a forum which would work unceasingly to strengthen the fraternal bonds
among the numerous Manasseh Communities who are now spread out and living in
19 countries across the Asia continent. After much thought and deliberation,the
consultation of leaders unanimously agreed to form an organization in the name and
like of Manasseh Asia Foundation.
The Manasseh Asia Foundation is an innovative brotherhood initiative which
would be a body to address the socio-political challenges faced by the various
Manasseh communities in the region/countries where they live. It will also be
a platform for social interaction amongst the descendants of Manasseh who
has been separated over millennia by time and space throughout the continent
of Asia; yet who all share strong cultural and

ties and who are
undeniably one and of the same ancestry. The Manasseh Asia Foundation is a positive outcome of the Chavang Kut: Celebration of Brotherhood, which had
been observed with great fervor and in a spirit of love, oneness and
brotherhood for three consecutive years now.

chavang-kut_2016_-6114910449_532848980253009_7508143453632338756_nchavang-kut_2016_-35chavang-kut_2016_-50The unique concept of celebrating Chavang Kut (the post-harvest autumn
festival of the Manasseh) began in 2014 at the international border trading
town of Moreh, in Manipur. This exceptional idea of celebrating the autumn
festival as a means and a platform to reach out to the other descendants of
the Manasseh was born out of the vision of Mr. PS Haokip, President of the
Kuki National Organisation, after the divine revelation of God to His servants
– Rev. Chomlhun and Evangelist Hnamtinkhum Joute as far as the identity of the descendants of Manasseh is concerned.
The Celebration of Brotherhood at Moreh in 2014 was the beginning – the genesis and it was commemorated under the theme “Awakening, Discovery and Redemption”; altogether 8 ethnic groups of the Manasseh fraternity gathered in a landmark event and solemnized their awakening to their true identity and discovery of one another as brothers who had been separated eons ago.The following year in 2015 – Chavang Kut: Celebration of Brotherhood was celebrated at Peace Ground Tuibong with the theme:
“Awakening, Rediscovery and Redemption”. The second edition of the
festival witnessed the awakening and rediscovery of their true identities by a
concentration of 45 ethnic groups whose names were inscribed in an obelisk erected for posterity which was officially unveiled on the first day of the 3 days festival.

This remarkable concept of celebrating Chavang Kut – The Celebration of Brotherhood has been blessed
abundantly by the Lord with the number of tribes/ethnic groups growing each year. This year the number
of ethnic groups who are the children of Manasseh grew up to 71 ; a testimony to the fact that the Lord
had been faithful to His revelations regarding the Manasseh Communities. The 3days cultural event was
celebrated under the theme aptly titled “Bigger, Better, Stronger”. A monolith wherein the names of 71
ethnic groups serially engraved was erected and duly unveiled in front of the gathering to mark another
memorable year in the history of fledging Manasseh communities of Asia who are in the process of waking
up to their true identity .
The main purpose of the Manasseh Asia Foundation is to serve the members of the Manasseh Communities
in Asia.

Other Purposes:
1) To express our identity as the descendants of one and the same forbear – Manasseh
2) To strengthen the unity and fraternal bonds and the deep cultural ties between the communities of Manasseh
3) To bring the Manasseh group together on a common platform and spread awareness about the Manasseh
4) To conduct seminars/workshops, research and documentations on the Manasseh Communities
5) To speak out against violation of the rights of any community of the Manasseh , and express solidarity with
brethren whose rights are wrongfully violated.
6) The members of the Manasseh Asia Foundation reaffirm their faith in the purposes and the principles of the
Charter of the United Nations
7) The members of the Manasseh Asia Foundation are determined to safeguard the freedom, common heritage,
and civilization of their people based on the principles of democracy, individual liberty, and the rule of

(Lal Robul Pudaite)