Speech of S. Tsulemtbong on Chavang Kut day, 2016


( Speech of S.Tsulemtbong, Vice President, Yimchunger Tribal Council (YTC)

First of all, I on behalf of Yimchunger Tribal Council would like to convey our heartiest Chavang Kut Chibai to all brothers and sisters gathered here to grace this grand brotherhood celebration.
It is a great privilege for our Yimchunger tribe, your brothers to be a part of this celebration. I being overwhelmed with this mega brotherhood gathering, I wish  to enlighten our brethren with few historical facts and accounts of our forefathers handed down from generation to generation through oral tradition.
Beloved  Brothers and sisters , though we are physically scattered in different geographical locations or placed at different political situations, we have valid reasons to  gather in any desired form(s) and feel the spirit of brotherhood.

My brothers and sisters, several centuries back, our ancestors dwelled together under the same roof;  they work together, they eat together, they sang & dance together, they laugh and  cried together. They also followed the same culture, custom, beliefs and spoke the same tongue. In fact, they lived together because they were blood-related brothers and sisters of the same  race.

However, because of some historical eventualities our ancestors parted and dispersed in different directions and brought us to the present habitations at different period of time. And with the passage of all these centuries, being influenced by our present  environments, we developed our different identities, culture, custom, so forth which diluted our ancient conscience. Thus, we forgot everything about the history of our root.
Coming to the context of ‘Yimchunger’ tribe, the history goes like this – six (6) brothers (Subtribes) namely, Langa, Tikhir, Chirr, Makury, Longfur & Philongri who were among the last warrior  tribes crossed the Patkai range approximately around 1300 to 1400 AD. wandering in eastern parts of present Nagaland state ( just adjacent to the Sagaing Division (Burma). These six brothers after wandering for a couple of centuries met at the historical spots namely, ‘ KEMIPHU, TONGKHUN & Y. AUN ‘.  around 1500 AD.

And with the expansion of populace, they spread to all directions and established their villages. But due to ignorance, they wage head hunting wars among the brethren for many years. And at the later stage, of their settlement, they also  developed different dialects which made them more foreign to each other.
However, with the advent of Christianity only during the late 1940s, a new light of social awakening brought us together under the name  ‘YIMCHUNGER’.(Yimkhiuger,)

By Yimchunger, ‘Yim’ means ‘Search; Khiung means Reach & ‘er’ means group. So compounding these words sum up as ” Search and Found Group”. Likewise, we believed that other Manasseh tribes might have developed their different identities in consonant to their present environment of because of some historical events or circumstances.
But, we are given feel the presence of our CREATOR in our midst when we heard our brother Rev. Chomlhun visions to whom God revealed that we are the blood brothers and sisters descended from the  Manasseh tribes ( The Lost Tribes). And it is our firm  believed that his visions have materialised our brethren  gathering in the form of ‘ CHAVANG KUT’ to proclaim our great family.

Though, scattered across in different parts of the globe,, through further stage of our journey, we do hope with full  confidence that all constituent brethren of Manasseh tribes would be integrated into plan by our Almighty the God of Heaven and Earth so that they shall march forth as a reckoning force in this complex earthly environments with full human dignity.  And as long as we  aspire to march forth together, for HIS purpose , I believe,  there will be no powers on earth to stop us because the God of a universe is with us and for us.

Beloved brothers and sisters, though many previous  centuries has lapsed, I strongly believe, it is never late if we aspire to integrate  our great Manasseh family to glorify His name.

Lastly, I thank the organising committee of Chavang Kut for facilitating our eastern brothers to participate in this grand event.
With this few words, I wish to wind up my speech.
KAKIPAH E! (Thank you)