Congress boycotted in Sadar Hills

Zalaileng News Service
_Kaybie Chongloi_

SADAR HILLS, Nov.8: Demonstrating the pain and desperation inflicted upon the people of Sadar Hills allegedly by the Ibobi led Congress Government over Sadar Hills issue, the JAC Sadar Hills today declare total boycott of Congress Party in Sadar Hills with immediate effect in public interest.
The JAC Sadar Hills summoned the three Congress MLA of Sadar Hills including the IFC Minister Ngamthang Haokip today at Kangpokpi town, when the Manipur Congress Government failed to declared Sadar Hills as a full-fledged district as assured and to decide the fate of Sadar Hills.
The meeting held at District Council Hall Kangpokpi was attended by JAC Sadar Hills members, CSOs leaders, Kuki Inpi Sadar Hills, SAHILCA, Congress Councillors apart from the three Sadar Hills Congress MLAs.
The JAC Sadar Hills leaders and CSOs leaders while strongly condemning the Manipur Congress Government termed it as ‘Bungling and very weak’ Government in the meeting while validating that the people of Sadar Hills have completely loss faith over the Congress Government after so many years of supporting the party with absolute confidence.
The people of Sadar Hills elected three Congress MLA from Sadar Hills, make the Congress Councillors formed the ADC Sadar Hills administrative with absolute majority while taking the key role in electing the Congress MP from Outer Manipur with the confidence of the Congress party, recalled the JAC.
The JAC Sadar Hills General Secretary also made detail accounts of the JAC Sadar Hills and Manipur Congress Government meeting and discussion over Sadar Hills issue during the meeting.
After much deliberation over the issue and the alleged repeated betrayal of the Congress Government, the meeting ultimately decided to totally boycott Congress party in Sadar Hills with effect from today, the 9 November, 2016.
JAC Sadar Hills Co-Convener, Tonglen Lunkim said that reiterating the stands of JAC Sadar Hills on November 4 meeting at Kangpokpi and considering the public outcry against the Congress Government, the meeting unanimously decided and declared Congress party totally boycott in Sadar Hills from today.
He continued that any activities related with Congress party including political party meeting, vote campaign, etc is totally boycott in the entire Sadar Hills administration while cautioning that any organization or individual should abstain from soliciting any Congress MLA, Councillors or workers to participate in any kinds of event in Sadar Hills.
He also warns that punitive action should be initiate accordingly to any person or organization violating the public mandate decision of boycotting the Congress party in Sadar Hills.
The JAC Sadar Hills also asked the Congress MLAs to cooperate with the public mandate decision while asking the Congress Councillors to sever ties with the Congress party and formed the local self Government with any party of their choice at the earliest.
However, the JAC Sadar Hills still remain quite over the public apprehension of bandh, blockade or strike over the issue stating that anything could happen according to the situation.
Meanwhile, the Congress Councillors of Sadar Hills are also likely to leave the Congress party without much delay and could formed the Government with any party soon while the three Congress MLA are also undoubtedly in a position to sever ties with the Congress party very soon.