Indian Security personnel Violates Human Rights in the recent ambush in Chandel, Manipur: KSO

​Press Release

1st December 2016
The KSO General Headquarters vehemently condemns the security force’s excesses on innocent villagers in the aftermath of the bomb attack at a place between Kholmunlen and Rana Top 21 AR Camp in Sajiktampak, Chandel district in which RPF/PLA has claimed responsibility.

Personnel of 21 Para (Special Forces) under the command of Maj. Prasant picked up 5 villagers of Kholmunlen village including the acting chief of the village and took them to the site of the attack where they were subjected to unimaginable suffering. The innocent villagers were forced to crawl uphill on their belly and were made to stare at the sun and punished for blinking. They were soaked in ice cold water and then beaten black and blue. 

The major and his men also pulled down 5 woodcutters from a Shaktiman truck and forced them to search for buried bombs. They were also tortured and beaten.

This act of reprisal on innocent villagers by the 21 Para (Special Forces) personnel is unsoldierly conduct of the army men. Whenever the security forces fails to catch the real culprits behind a crime they generally take out their ire and anger on innocent civilians. While they do not have the guts to face the real perpetrators they show such a bravado over defenceless innocent civilians. This is outright cowardice.

Mention may be made that the same 21 paratroopers were responsible for the death of Lalchoilo Neihsiel, son of the chief of Lenglong village in Tamenglong district in the fake encounter with ZUF cadres on 13th April 2016.     

The KSO can never accept this rampant violation of human rights by security forces on innocent civilians. This act of terrorism by security forces in the name of counter insurgency has to stop. This kind of unethical conduct is bound to create a great divide between the civilian and the security forces. The security forces who are duty bound to ensure safety of the people have instead become the tormentors of the people.

The KSO appreciates the gesture of the DIG 28 Sector AR who readily owned moral responsibility for the torturous acts of 21 Para (Special Forces) personnel, even if the AR were not involved. The DIG has given an assurance to look after the wellbeing of the victims who had suffered grievous injury at the hands of the 21 Paratroopers (Special Forces). 

The KSO will take up this case with the National Human Rights Commission against Maj. Prasant. The villagers who had borne the brunt of Maj. Prasant terror acts were – Tintong Haokip (acting chief of Kholmunlen), Paominlun, Thangchungnung, Kamgoumang and Manglun. The Shaktiman (truck) workers from Chahkap village who were beaten up were – Lalsat, Khamlun, Letkhogin and Ngamgoulen.
General Secretary

KSO General Headquarters