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By Kuki Inpi Manipur

KIM (Kuki Inpi Manipur) wrote this article for The Sangai Express . This article was webcasted on June 13, 2010.

Monitoring carefully the talks between Government of India and NSCN(I-M) for the last several years through statements made by media every now and then, it is now pretty clear that the landless NSCN(I-M) has been asking the Govt of India to steal lands belonging to others and give those lands to NSCN (I-M).

NSCN(I-M) pretended and cheated worldwide that they were sovereign nation, now revealing their true colour of trying to snatch other people’s land by (1) invading, killing innocent thousands, uprooting hundreds of villages, but failed. (2) Now NSCN(I-M) is asking the mighty Government of India to parcel out lands belonging to others, including Kuki land, give them to NSCN(I-M).

Name of District

Land holding (%) – Naga

Land holding (%) – Kuki


Land holding (%) – Naga Nil

Land holding (%) – Kuki 100 %


Land holding (%) – Naga 25 %

Land holding (%) – Kuki75 %


Land holding (%) – Naga 75 %

Land holding (%) – Kuki 25 %

Sadar Hills

Land holding (%) – Naga 10 %

Land holding (%) – Kuki 90%


Land holding (%) – Naga 65 %

Land holding (%) – Kuki 35 %


Land holding (%) – Naga 70 %

Land holding (%) – Kuki 30 %



Kukis 4,23,227

Meitei Hindus 13,61,521

Meitei Muslims 1,67,201

Nagas 2,94,585

Others 1,46,096

Total Manipur population


In case Government yields to this demand of what NSCN(IM) called “Naga integration,” it will be logically concluded that India Government has been behind this movement, and all those whose lands are touched will become enemies of India.

For and on behalf of all the Kuki people it is fervently asked that India Government not to yield to this communal politics of integrating only Nagas which will eventually become a total chaos in the whole of the present so-called northeastern India.

The Kukis have been carefully observing the NSCN(I-M) of their suspicious movement, and now this organization has come out openly asking India to take lands belonging to others and give them to NSCN(I-M). This will result to nothing else but civil war.

Instead it is requested that whatever present Indian rulers are talking with NSCN(IM), first and foremost 

(1) The murderers of over 900 innocent Kukis plus other ethnic groups, 

(2) uprooting 360 Kukis villages must be arrested and punished in accordance of the prevailing Indian law, and

(3) all those displaced by NSCN(I-M) be rehabilitated to avoid the wrath of all the ethnic groups who heavily suffered in the hands of NSCN(I-M). The wrath has to be avoided at any cost for peace and harmony in the land as it has been from time immemorial.

Secondly, the Kukis thought that they were under Indian Government. But the Government miserably failed to protect the Kukis against the NSCN(I-M) aggression. The Kuki Inpi, (Kuki Government), which bravely defended the land against the invading British Empire nearly two centuries from 1761 to the Second World War, siding the Germans in both First and Second World War alongside with INA, had a national consultation on June 29, 1993 then unanimously revived the Inpi (Government) to protect the innocent people and the land.

Ever since its revision, the Kuki Inpi has been requesting the Indian Government to protect Kukis, arrest and punish the aggressors in accordance with the prevailing Indian law and restore peace and harmony. Hundreds of communications, rather memoranda have been submitted. But none has ever been responded.

One and the last memorandum submitted to your honour, as the present Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Manmohan Singhji, with its enclosures is attached herewith for study and taking appropriate action before making a possiblevagreement (that also subject to all concern acceptance) with NSCN(I-M).

Thirdly, in the context of Manipur, it is requested that the boundary must ‘be preserved in order to avoid a civil war on the grounds shown below

I. Hill District wise land holding of Nagas and Kukis

II. Manipur population as per census 2001

Therefore democratically, in Manipur context, the indigenous (1) Meiteis, (2) Kukis and (3) Nagas live together peacefully from time immemorial, and it is logical to continue to let them live together in the same manner. Amongst the indigenous citizens, Nagas are third and minority.

Any talk on the question of boundary and land must be in Tripartite. No single Ethnic group has the authority or authorized to talk and break the territory.

Your immediate action will highly be appreciated.


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