The Naga Integration Demand by NSCN-IM at the cost of many hill districts of Manipur is real. Manipuris especially the majority Meeteis in great patriotic fervour are opposing it. The lackadaisical handling of the issue by both the central and state governments is pushing the Meetei and the Naga groups towards a collision course; already too close to the clash point. War cries from scores of CSOs, student associations and even sporadically from the armed rebels make the situation extremely confusing and volatile.
At this dangerous moment of history, the stakeholders look oblivious about ways to find the truth and respect it for bringing a permanent solution to the problem. Many of the arguments go the he-said – she-said way by referring to distorted facts and propaganda. The academic and media discussions at various platforms have not been very successful in bringing the common truth to forefront. This is unfortunate.
What is immediately required is the professional/academic assessment of the validity of the Naga Integration Demand in the light of social anthropology, political history and constitutional provisions of the land. These assessments will be much more clear and authoritative.
Such authoritative assessments can be given by the professional/academic bodies like:

1. Anthropological Society of Manipur

2. Historical Society of Manipur

3. Manipur Political Science Association

4. High Court Bar Association of Manipur.
The assessment report can be developed through an arduous, critical and objective approach involving rounds of deliberations, debates and final vetting by members of the respective bodies. Such an exercise can be funded by the government. 
In fact, these associations can no longer remain silent spectators of the dangerous conflict being staged in their courtyards. It is high time they came out and say something with professional/academic authority for justice to all concerned.