​PM propose state visit sans solving the state crisis would be illogical
_S Kipgen_

Bengaluru, February 16,2017:

The highly acclaimed chai-wala turned Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, famously known for his alleged  discontinuation and veering of every Congress led Government undertaking schemes and projects and unnecessarily torturing the common people with his demonetization move is heard of to visit the state soon. 
Mr. Modi, sporadically heard of his concerns for the state even on its over 100 days of ongoing economic blockage, a situation which have turned severe enough to airlifted even a public supplier fuel tanker is all set to visit the poll-bound Manipur this February 25 at Kangla fort. It is assume that  his visit would be not for any other reason than  strengthening the state BJP unit and attending the party political convention for the ensuing state assembly election which would be an utter connivance of the present Chaos in the state.
It seems that for him election campaign is more important than solving the present Manipur climacteric situation and keep in control the NSCN(IM) mouthpiece, the UNC, who an acclaimed Nagas apex body used firearms and ambushed police personnel in their alleged peaceful protest and had too served quit notice to the Kukis in the 90’s subsequently killing thousands and leaving many homeless in what could be termed as the greatest inhumane activities done on human being so far. The CSO that used firearms is yet to be tagged unlawful Organisation in the state, despite the CLP moots and urge the central government to declare unlawful which his majesty(Prime Minister) approval is awaiting.
Every matters with regards to the Nagas turn a different Outlook, irrespective of its genuineness. Every issue of the Nagas regardless of its weightage made a storm at the centre every now and then. A country that has one of the highest state and central forces in the world too were not utilised well by the state Government to force open the indefinite economic blockage clamped by one mere CSO who in nexus with NSCN(IM) who choke the life of the people for complete 3 months now, perhaps, due to O Ibobi led Congress government politicising it for sustaining their Government in the next term as well.
Keeping aside the country millitary forces misutilization, shirking responsibility between the State and Central Government and downplaying game played indubitably by them politicking every matters in their inquest for their respective political mileages had led the state commotion not be solved even today. While in this drama, the state Government and the country headed by Narendra Modi led BJP Government, India pitiably is under the control of a mere CSO, the UNC, who absurdly claimed all hill areas in Manipur as their ancestral land bestowed by the almighty God.
Whatever be, the prevailling Chaos in Manipur for this long is no doubt the negligence of the rulling Narendra Modi led BJP Government at the centre. Giving a revolutionary Organisation undue respect and its mouthpiece UNC more  authoritative making more powerful than the State government and at the same time politicising the situation for vote bank for the coming state assembly election led to the no solution of the present crisis in the state, till today. If timely intervented and controlled, the matter would have been wittily solved long back and would not be this far. After all, creating 7 new District solely for administrative convenience and for safeguarding territorial integrity of Manipur is a matter laudable for all by the state Government and for the country, India as this is the will of the majority populace of the state.
Despites, much aware of the people being throttled for over 100 days now, the country Prime minister propose visit to the state on February 25 merely for his political party assembly and intentionally sidestepping the larger issue of the prolonged ongoing economic blockage lying pending for solution right under his nose not even on his agenda on his state visit would be prodigious and upsetting for all. It would have looks like a once chai-wala really insensitive to the sufferings of the people  turning a blind eye with the extremity of the people.