Jewish Kukis’ Memorandum to the PM Modi


Shri Narendra Modiji,

The Prime Minister of India

People’s Representation: The Jewish Kuki community in Israel appeal your honour to ponder over the status of Kukis in Northeast India to become as what the British had recognised them since before India got her freedom

Dear Modiji,

We, the Jewish Kuki community in Israel are pleased to welcome your historic maiden visit to the holy land for reinventing bilateral relation between the Jewish state and India.

Since we had heard the news of your remarkable visit to Israel, we constituted few questionnaires to ask you and to this extent, we request you to fulfil our small demand regarding our brethren Kuki people who suffer meagerly under your government since India became free from the alien rules in 1947. So, as you had aware us, we animatedly prepared to ask few questions based on Kuki Historical account, and, we request you to reproduce as what the British India had recognised Kuki with a productive constitutional assessment with immediate effect.
The questionnaires are:

1. Why Kukis in India have facing internally morbid and your government has let them eliminated and disunited among themselves till today since the post-independent of India?

2. Why did the government of India disrespected them and not recognised the Unique History of Kuki, identity, Kuki ancestral land, traditional customary laws and their linguistic integrity as had been already recognised by the British? If you are not about to recognise all those varieties within the framework of the Indian constitution, should not it be a good option for you to set them free to reattain their long lost sovereignty? Or if you fail to implement this demand, should not it be better for the Kuki people to carry out a worldwide protest in a humanitarian ground? And, would not it be better for your government to Free Kukiland?

3. Why did you took initiatives to give away Kuki ancestral land and some groups of Kuki people to the hands of the Naga under the theme of NSCN(IM)’s Framework Agreement? Thus, if possible the final solution for the Nagas should be deal out after a pre-observation of the Kuki history and made a recognition of the Uniqueness of Kuki History and without touching an inch of Kuki ancestral land; then it will be acceptable to carry out the final Naga solution.
4. You had torn apart the Kukis into different fragmented identities under Indian Constitutional Law and divided them to become numerous tribes since the 1950s. So, should not it be good to frame a new constitutional amendment in this regard to abolish all fake tribes names got recognised after the 1950s, and regroup them as ‘Kuki’ just equivalent to what the British government had recognised them in the past?
Through the representation of the Kuki people around the world, we, the Jewish Kuki Community here in Israel made a fervent appeal to you and your government to respect Kuki Nation and all their belongings.

Dated: Israel

The 5th July 2017